Top Ten Favorite Australia Photographs

Hello, friends and family!

I’ve been doing lots of reflecting, looking back on memories, and remembering all of my fun times in Australia. For one of my last posts, I wanted to include a list of my top ten favorite photos/memories of my time in Australia! Most of these have been included in earlier posts, with a few new ones. Enjoy!

#10 – Taken at Yalumba Winery in the Barossa Valley. I like this picture because it’s so strange to think that I experienced two autumns in a row (and will soon experience another!).
#9 – Taken at Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne. I chose to include this picture because it symbolizes the opportunity studying abroad gave me to see old friends that live in Australia!
#8 – Taken at the Fringe Festival in downtown Adelaide. I like this picture because it symbolizes the opportunity studying abroad gave me to meet NEW friends that live in Australia! It was so nice to be taken in by locals. They truly made the experience worthwhile.
#7 – Taken in Auckland, New Zealand. This photo represents the travelling I got to do while studying abroad. I would’ve never gone to NZ had it not been for studying abroad in Australia. I got to see many different areas of Oceania and look back very fondly on my travels. This photo also reminds me that I need to cut my hair more often! 
#6 – Taken at Adelaide International Airport. This is the first photo I took in Adelaide. I distinctly remember how happy I was to finally be done with the journey over to Australia! 
#5 – Taken at Gorge Wildlife Park. Can you say you’ve held a Koala?? I can! I’m so lucky to have had incredible experiences in Australia, such as holding a Koala! I felt like a true Australian as I held the native animal. It was experiences like this that reminded me how lucky I was to be studying abroad. 
#4 – Taken at Glenelg Beach. I took advantage of sunset lighting for this selfie. What you can’t see is the beautiful Adelaide Sunset on the horizon! Other than liking this picture in general, it reminds me of how much I enjoyed myself down under, and what it felt like to overcome challenges and have a great time.
#3 – Taken at Port Elliot Beach. Port Elliot had the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. I had been waiting to see a stunning beach like this, and it just so happened to be on the most disgusting day during my time in Australia. It was so beautiful I went back the next weekend!
#2 – This photo is very important to me for a few reasons. I met so many other international students (including Magda, seen in this picture) and we all got to experience Australia for the first time together. It was so heartwarming to have like-minded friends that were always ready for adventure!


#1 – Taken in Mawson Lakes. Every time I see this photo, I get a little teary-eyed. This was the last photo I took in Australia, on my second to last night. This photo, above all else, symbolizes something that I thought I wasn’t ready for – leaving Australia. I was so terrified to leave the life I had made in Australia, the routine I had made, and all my new friends. I didn’t think I had the strength to board the plane in Sydney and fly over the ocean to the States. But this photo reminds that I did it. And it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But it brings hope, too. Deep down, I know that I will someday return to Australia. Be it for work, or “holiday,” or  anything in between. I know that I will get to come back and remember why I fell in love with Australia.


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